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There are important conversations about faith, ethics, and ideas happening all the time, but joining in can seem daunting. The Open Table is the place to start. Featuring essays and articles from a diverse array of authors, we dive into topics that are important and relevant to the every day believer. Read. Comment. Share. Join the discussion. We saved you a seat.

March 22, 2019

For the last few decades, a heated debate has plowed through Christian theological circles down into small group discussion and Sunday school lessons about the  age of the earth as discussed in Genesis 1 through 3. This debate has stretched from exeg...

March 21, 2018

Growing up in church, one gets accustomed to a lot of acronyms. You also get used to a lot of 3 to 5 point sermons with words that all start with “p” or all end in “ation.” If you grew up in the youth group or “contemporary” church era you might be u...

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